Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday Magic!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.**

Get an early start on Cyber Monday today with ModCloth. Everything on their site is 30%! Just think about that: 30% off a stunning holiday party dress; gifts for everyone on your list; not to mention the shoes *drool*. Hurry over to ModCloth this Sunday through Wednesday and use the code CYBER16 to score 30% off your entire purchase, and as always all domestic orders get free shipping! So don't forget: EVERYTHING is 30% off at ModCloth during the Cyber Monday event (ends 11/30 at 9 AM EST) when you use code CYBER16. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

What I'm Digging This Week: The All Beauty & Skincare Edition

This week I'd like to share some of the beauty products and skincare that I've been into lately. Just so you know, I don't get any monetary compensation for promoting these products. I just enjoy these products so much I'd like to share them with you. Some of my friends sell these products, so if I can help them earn business through my honest reviews all the better!

 Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus Set

I like microdermabrasion, but I can't use anything with microbeads in it. My pores are so incredibly large the little beads can get stuck in my skin and cause all kinds of blemishes. I love this set because a) it doesn't have microbeads; b) it came with a pore minimizer, which nicely blurs my pores and makes them look smaller (it can't actually make pores smaller, because you're stuck with the skin God gave ya); c) it sloughs off dead skin without being too harsh. I've had some microdermabrasion be really rough, and it felt like I wasn't just taking off dead skin cells, I was taking off a layer or two of my face. I use the "refine" microdermabrasion about twice a week, and I use the pore minimizer after, or underneath my makeup. 

Mary Kay Timewise Firming Eye Cream

I LOVE this eye cream. L.O.V.E. It's thick and creamy, and when I lightly dab it on my under-eye area it glides on really smoothly. It hydrates and helps with my under-eye mom bags. I've also noticed that my dark circles aren't as noticeable any more. While I don't have to worry about crows feet and wrinkles just yet, this cream is also supposed to be great for dealing with these signs of aging. I use this cream every night before bed, and sometimes in the morning too if I've had a particularly rough night. This cream has now become a permanent part of my beauty routine. If you'd like to try it you can find this and many more amazing skincare products here

Tyra Beauty What Lipstick? in "Younger Man"

This lipstick is now my #2 go to shade for Fall. I got it as part of a silent auction prize and am so glad I did. Tyra Beauty is relatively new, and my friend over at the Geek and Glam blog became a "Beautytainer" (what they call their consultants). So now I've got a hook up. This is a matte lipstick in a nude rose color; it's great by itself but you can easily take your look up a notch in the glam department if you add some lip gloss on top of it. I like this What Lipstick? because it glides on really smoothly and has staying power, even if I forget lip primer. If you want to get some for yourself you can find the link to this product here

Tyra Beauty Instant Gratification Mask

This face mask was also part of my silent auction prize. I was really excited to pop this mask on, grab a good book, and have a nice long soak in the tub while the mask did it's thing. It's only an eight minute mask but it leaves your skin feeling totally refreshed. I usually like to use face masks at night once a week when I'm relaxing before bed, but this mask is one I'd actually recommend that you use in the morning or before going out. It brightens and evens skin tone, and who doesn't want to do that before they go out to face the world?