Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things I'm Digging This Week

Happy October everyone! This is my favorite month and we have been knee deep in Halloween decorations, pumpkin patches, and scary movies/shows. I decided to take a break and show you some of the things I've been digging this week: fall edition! Everything I'm going to share with you this week is either related to Halloween or Autumn somehow.

A Touch of Evil

 A few months ago my bestie and I were walking around our local game store when we saw some of the expansions for A Touch of Evil. Unfortunately the store didn't (and never seems to) have the original game in stock, so my husband ordered it from Amazon for me as an anniversary present. I know, I'm such a lucky nerd girl. I love Last Night on Earth, which is also made by Flying Frog Productions, so I had really high hopes for this game, and so far I haven't been disappointed. It's really fun, especially this close to Halloween. Some time in the near future I'll post a game review with more pictures and information.

Ipsy October Glam Bag

I am in LOVE with this bag. It is absolutely adorable, wonderful for the spooky mood I'm in all October, and it is the perfect size to be my makeup bag that lives in my purse. Honestly, I think this month I was more excited about getting the glam bag than I was about the products inside it. 

Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm

A while back I posted about how much I loved this balm in "Peach Passion". It is seriously my go-to shade for spring and summer. Now that autumn is upon us, I wanted to find a deeper shade that didn't wash me out. I decided to try the "Rose Passion" shade the last time I was at Ulta and I'm so glad I did. Now I have a new favorite lip-balm for autumn and winter. I like it because it glides on like a lip butter and has a sheer color, so it is perfect for day time and can easily be added to for a more bold night lip color.

The Exorcist on FOX

THIS SHOW! If you're looking for a great and creepy show to watch this October in preparation for Halloween this is the show for you. I've seen the original movie (and the sequels/prequel) and I've also read the book, so I was concerned with how Fox would sustain the action and scary atmosphere. I quickly learned after episodes two and three that there will be no problem whatsoever with an extended creep-factor. I highly recommend it. Even my husband thought it was creepy, and that is really saying something because he usually doesn't like scary movies/shows and almost never gets creeped out by one.