Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mary Kay Makeover

     Who doesn't love a new makeup look? This lucky girl has the hookup! I have a few friends who are independent sales consultants for various makeup brands, and today I decided to try one of the new "Makeup Artist Looks" from Mary Kay. A good friend of mine, Stephanie, became a Mary Kay consultant a few months ago and as I perused her website I found a few looks I thought I'd like to try. I fell in love with their "Red Alert" look, and decided that this red lipped classic would pair wonderfully well with a sweater and boots ensemble and knew it had to be mine.
     Luckily enough for me, I already had a few of the MK products needed to complete the look from a party a while back and only had to buy the makeup I was missing from Stephanie. This look includes the following Mary Kay products: MK Mineral Eye color in "Spun Silk" and "Espresso", MK Eyeliner in "Black", MK Mineral Cheek Color in "Strawberry Cream", MK Lip Liner in "Red", and MK Lipstick in "Red".
     The only thing that the look on the Mary Kay site said to do that I chose not to do was winged eyeliner. I can't make eyeliner wings to save my life, so I didn't even try this time. So, without further ado here is my completed look:

I thought it ended up looking pretty good. Since I'm so pale (like Casper the friendly ghost pale) a red lip really REALLY stands out on me. If you liked this look or wanted to see some of the other makeup artist inspired looks or play with their virtual makeover app check out Stephanie's Mary Kay website. Have fun!