Monday, February 29, 2016

Okay, February...Be Done Now

     Happy Leap Day! Things have been crazy around here this month, so much so that February has gone by in a complete blur. My husband completed ALS and graduated, and my baby Owen turned 2 (!!!). My in-laws came to visit, our van broke down, and to cap off such a crazy month both of my boys woke up this morning with a horrible stomach bug. I'm kind of glad that February is the shortest month of the year, because I don't think I could take much more of this. Some of this month's events have been great ones: our visit with the in-laws, Owen's birthday, and my husband's graduation. Great, but stressful for someone like me who gets horrible "host" anxiety. Really, other than the vomit-capades this morning the only "bad" or difficult event was our van's transmission dying. So March, if you could just be a chill and relaxing month that'd be great. No vomit or catastrophic mechanical failures please!
     Starting today I'm renewing my focus on my writing. I love this blog, and I want to make it into something better. I hope to help it grow and become truly reflective of myself as I am. Being a military spouse can be lonely and isolating, and this blog was created so that I could feel like I had someone to talk to when I felt alone. So thank you, anyone and everyone who reads my blog. Comments, and even page views, let me know that in some way I'm being heard. Thank you for being there and listening while I shovel emotional crap.

     Okay, enough with the heavy. This past weekend I crossed a line. A big one. A big, nerdy line. I played a Dungeons & Dragons board game with my husband and our friends. And I even posted about it on Instagram (no denying it now).
My archer facing Shimmergloom, the lamest dragon in the history of dragons. I mean...come on....Shimmergloom?

I remember sitting on my dad's lap when I was a little girl and blowing on his D20 for good luck when he played D&D with his friends. I've never played "real" D&D on paper, and I think that this board game may be the closest thing to it I can manage. That being said, it was fun. We slayed the dragon, and I only died once (which is good for me). This nerd girl just got a little bit nerdier, if that's even possible.