Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shows to Binge Watch in 2016

In the time of "Netflix and Chill", "The Showhole", and binge watching you may be wondering, "What should I watch next?" Well, here are a list of shows that you should binge watch before their new seasons come out this year:

I cannot state how much I love this show. Love. The writing is fantastic, the characters are complex and wonderful, and the locations they film at are lovely. Oh, and there are some kick ass battle scenes, duh. I am totally on Team Lagertha because she is completely awesome. Season 4 starts on Thursday February 18, 2016 on the History Channel. Don't miss it.

Game of Thrones
FIRE AND BLOOD! You should definitely binge watch the first five seasons of Game of Thrones before the season 6 premier on Sunday April 24, 2016. You've got plenty of time. There are some big questions that need to be answered this season. I don't want to post any spoilers for those who live under a rock and haven't seen the season 5 finale, but you all know what I'm talking about. You know. I personally believe that he, like Glen from TWD, will miraculously make it. I'm a huge fan of the show, but an even bigger fan of the books. If you like the show please please please read the books. They're even better than the show, if you can believe it.

Marco Polo
While it's true, one season hardly counts as a binge, I think you should definitely watch season one of Marco Polo on Netflix before the second season drops later this year. I love period dramas, and this Netflix original series definitely delivers the drama here. Love, action, adventure; everything is rolled up into a neat package in Marco Polo.

The Walking Dead
Part two of season six of The Walking Dead premiers on Valentines Day this year. My husband and I will definitely be watching this as we sip glasses of wine and eat chocolate. Because nothing says love like "I want to watch The Walking Dead with no one but you". If you want to catch up, jog your memory as to what's gone down in the first half of the season, or if you simply love this show as much as I do you should spend some time binge watching TWD. And don't forget The Talking Dead after the episode. It's always worth a watch.

                     shows to binge watch 2016

P.S. I would have added "Downton Abbey", one of my favorite shows, but it's final season has already started. However, I totally recommend that you give this show a try. My husband and I are re-watching seasons 1-5 now so that when we get season 6  from PBS at the end of the month we'll have everything fresh in our minds.