Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Break Day 1: Mommy Needs a Drink

Today marks Day 1 of Liam's Christmas break. It's really warm outside, but I can't take them out to play because it's raining. Plan B was to go to the base community center and library this morning, but it was closed. So now we're back at home until after lunch when we will try the community center again. Being stuck in the house wouldn't be too bad if my husband wasn't working nights this week. He has to sleep during the day, which means I have to attempt to keep the earsplitting noise that issues from my children to a minimum. Which is really, really hard. Especially since Owen screeches if Liam even *looks* at him the wrong way. Where's the wine?

Okay, I'm done whining. Let's get to the really important thing.......

STAR WARS!! My husband and I went to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens last Friday and it was *fantastic*. It was so good I think my husband cried a little. After all the hype and the torturous buildup we were both worried we might feel a little let down when we finally saw it, but it was so phenomenal. I know I definitely don't have any complaints. I'm just bummed we have to wait so long for the next film. I just hope people can try not to be giant a-holes and spoil the movie for everyone else. I was in IF and some jerks in the Trade Chat channel (which I have forgotten how to turn off....) were posting spoilers. FOR SHAME. Have some class, people. Go back to talking about boobs and twink guilds in Trade Chat like everyone else.