Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Star Munchkin Review

Yes. YES. I did it, I *finally* got Star Munchkin from The Game Store last week. Last Saturday my husband and I invited over the besties for a night of rum and tabletop gaming. I've wanted this Munchkin expansion ever since I discovered its existence, which was when my husband got Zombie Munchkin. I never realized how many expansions they have for that game! I think next on our list will be Steampunk Munchkin...but I digress. Time for the Star Munchkin review!

     So, first off I have to say that as huge Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, etc. fans we really enjoyed all the nods to our favorite shows and movies found in the cards. 

My favorite card was the "Sidekick: Red Shirt" which can sacrifice itself for you if needed, but whenever you win a combat you roll to see if he gets excited and sacrifices himself anyway. My bestie over at Geek and Glam said her favorite card was the "Symbiotic Partner" card because it resembled a dalek, and she's a major Dr. Who fan.
     Game play was just like regular Munchkin. You can be different "races" like Cyborg, Feline, Mutant, etc. and you can be different "classes" like Gadgeteer, Bounty Hunter, Trader, etc. One variation to the original game in this version was the Sidekick cards. Unfortunately, I lost my rogue sidekick card attempting to steal the Bananafanafofaser (WHICH WAS RIGHTFULLY MINE) from Mr Geek, my bestie's husband. But don't worry, I totally stabbed him in the back and got my revenge. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I won the game *insert evil laughter*. Aside from the Red Shirt and Rogue sidekicks, there were also Androids, Loud Hairy Aliens, Faithful Robots, Beautiful Assistants, and Whiz Kids.
My husband, upon realizing his complete and total defeat at the hands of yours truly

Overall, it took us about an hour and half to play one game of Star Munchkin, but that may have been because we had five kids running around the house and we had to pause every so often to keep the gorilla warfare in my living room under control. Gaming with kids can result in some very long, drawn out games, so I though an hour and a half for a whole game was pretty good. Everyone had a lot of fun stabbing everyone else in the back, and we will definitely be getting the expansion decks . Methinks they would be a great stocking stuffer *cough* HUSBAND PAY ATTENTION *cough*. Thank you again, Steve Jackson Games, for another great night of tabletop gaming fun.