Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Do You DO All Day?

     This past week has been insanely busy. Monday was spent running errands, getting craft supplies for a fundraiser at Michael's, prepping my items to consign at the Duck Duck Goose children's consignment event in Little Rock, and then driving them to Little Rock and checking them in. When I got home I started making my fundraiser items (flower pens). Tuesday Owen and I went grocery shopping, to the Rhea Lana's consignment event, and to the gym. Wednesday we went to Duck Duck Goose to shop for the bulk of the kids fall and winter clothes as well as a few toys and one home decor item that I was extremely excited about. (It is a painting that retailed for $59.99 at Kirkland's and I got it for $15.00!!)

     Thursday I babysat my friend's son, started cleaning my house for an upcoming visit from my mother-in-law, and drove to Maumelle to bring dinner to an ill church member. On the way home we stopped by Michael's for more craft supplies to make the flower pens (I wanted to make some Halloween themed pens). On Friday my mother-in-law and her sister came to visit for Grandparent's Day at my son's school. I was frantically cleaning right up until they called to tell me they were at the gate. We went to the luncheon at Liam's school and then came home to visit until my husband got off of work. My father-in-law works with a wonderful lady who crochets beautiful hats and booties for the babies born at the hospital where they work. She was kind enough to crochet both of my boys matching Minion hats for the winter, and my mother-in-law brought them to us.
(I cannot tell you how absolutely sweet this gesture was. I don't think I've even met this lady, and she's made us 4 adorable hats over the years. I hope the next time we visit my in-laws I can meet her and give her a big hug!)

     After my mother-in-law and her sister left to drive home we went to Rhea Lana's to get a few more consignment items (at half price!) and then went to the BX to pick up a birthday gift for a friend of Liam. We came home, had dinner, and I passed out for the night shortly after the kids fell asleep. Today we had a going away party for a co-worker of my husband, and tomorrow we have church, a birthday party to go to, and I have a meeting to work on the school fundraiser. 
     It may not seem like a crazy busy week to you, but it was to me. If you add in cooking, picking up and dropping off Liam at school and Nathan at work, and regular cleaning I felt like I had a jam-packed schedule this week. So, the next time you ask a stay-at-home mom what she does all day, rethink your question. Because I can promise you something we don't have time for is stupid questions.