Friday, September 11, 2015

What Am I Going to Write About?

The past week has been a rough one. Last week Liam and I caught a tummy bug that he bounced right back from. I don't bounce as well these days, apparently. It took me a little longer to come back from than I would have liked. Being sick when you're a parent really really stinks. Responsibilities and all that jazz. Thankfully my husband was off of work for the long Labor Day weekend, and he left me in peace to be nauseous by myself and kept the kids occupied.

A friend of mine who has her own blog has asked me to guest write a post for her while she's out of town. I agreed and then sort of panicked. I have absolutely no idea what to talk about. The only other blog I've ever guest posted on is a cloth diapering blog that I like to read, and those posts are centered around cloth diapering or parenting. Her blog is mostly about her life (duh), geeky subjects, and girlie stuff. If anyone actually reads this and has any topic ideas they'd like to put forth I'd be more than glad to see them. Otherwise, I might end up pulling a topic out of a hat.

Now, I must venture forth and wake the dragon early from his nap. I have a parental advisory board meeting at my son's pre-k and Owen is coming with. Pray for me.