Friday, August 7, 2015

Things I'm Digging This Week

Hello! This week has been made up of a flurry of small activities. I've been cleaning a lot, cooking a lot, and trying to mentally prepare for Liam's first day of pre-school. He's excited and I'm a wreck, but we won't get into that now. I'm sure an emotional, weepy blog post about how hard his first day of school was for me will be in forecast soon. Here's what I've been digging this week:

My Son's R2D2 Backpack

Liam chose this backpack for himself, with no coercion from my husband or myself. We went to Kohl's on the tax free weekend armed with my coupon, and got this backpack for only $14.99! If you push the yellow button on top it makes R2D2 sounds. Guess how many times that button has been push since we got it? Guess. You'll never be able to get it because it has happened so many times I've lost count. However, he's so happy with it I don't mind. (Oh, and I have no idea why he goes all "Miley Cyrus" every time we take a picture of him now, but that boy will not keep his tongue in his mouth!)

Descent: Journeys In the Dark (second edition)

My husband, our two friends, and I played Descent this past Monday. It was the first time my husband and I had ever played. I chose to play as Widow Tarha (as a necromancer) and I had a lot of fun. After I got over how many pieces this game has (omg so many pieces) and my friend's husband explained the gameplay to us, we jumped right in and had a good time. Now my husband wants to buy a copy for ourselves, but Descent is going to have to get in line. We have a game wish list as long as I am tall. 

Jamberry Nail Wraps

As usual, when it comes to anything new I am really late to the game. I almost always end up getting into something after it's been out for so long that no one seems to be excited about it anymore but me. My friend hosted a Jamberry party on Facebook, so I took a look around and participated in some of the party games. I was talking to my bestie about the wraps and she offered to let me try some that she had (I'm a firm believer in "try before you buy"). I put them on last night and I really like them. They're really cute and not too difficult to apply. Of course, the true test will be how they hold up to the rigors of mommyhood. I need to do some dishes, clean some stuff, change some diapers, and see how the wraps do. If they don't peel off or disintegrate completely then I'll be the newest passenger on the Jamberry train. Toot toot!