Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of School!

A major milestone in my life, and the life of my son, was reached last Monday. The first day of pre-school. Liam met this particular milestone with excitement, nervousness, and pride. He is a big boy now, after all. I met this milestone with trepidation, fear, and pride as well. That big boy is my baby, after all. Monday was his first day of school, and the first time I have ever left him in an all-day kind of facility. Other than the church nursery we've never left our kids anywhere for more than a few hours unless they were with family.

 My husband took the day off from work so he could be there for Liam and for me. He was just as affected by Liam's first day of school, he just didn't show it as much. I'm the emotional one, most of the time extremely emotional. However, I was really proud of myself this time. I held it together for my baby; I smiled and encouraged him in every way I knew how so that he would anticipate school with delight instead of dread. If he saw me looking panicked at the thought of leaving him, or sad because I was going to miss him all day, it would rain all over his parade. So, I waited until we got home to cry.

Liam's first day went really well. He had a great time, made a new friend, and is excited to go back. My first day went pretty well too. After I dried up the tears I got to enjoy spending time with my second son, my little wildman. I'm thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Owen. He keeps me on my toes, believe me. So there, emotional experience documented. 

On a lighter note I got another guest blog post published! (yaaaaaaay). Here's a link to the blog post if you'd like to check it out. It's on a cloth diapering blog that I love.