Friday, May 1, 2015

Things I'm Digging This Week

I'd like to try to do a weekly or bi-weekly post on whatever I'm into that week. It could be books, food, movies, games, music, places, makeup, etc. So, this week I'm digging:

-- Hearthstone

 If you like playing World of Warcraft this game will be right up your alley. I used to play WoW a lot....and I mean a lot. I stopped playing shortly after my first son was born because raiding while breastfeeding is really difficult and I just didn't have the time to play any more. Last Sunday my husband told me that he thought I should give it a try, as he has been playing for a while now. I love that its totally within the WoW world but it's definitely its own game. So far I've been working on leveling my mage, druid, and priest (can you tell I prefer casters?) with the priest being my new favorite. So, if anyone plays, I'm TheGrayQueen on battlenet if you want to say hi.

-- "The Firebrand" by Marion Zimmer Bradley

 This is one of my favorite books, and so is another Bradley book, "The Mists of Avalon". I usually re-read each of these books about once a year. They're just that good. "The Firebrand" is the story of the fall of Troy from the perspective of Kassandra. Kassandra was a daughter of the King and Queen of Troy and a priestess of Apollo. Kassandra was gifted with the ability to prophesy and cursed to never be believed. Bradley goes into character detail in many of the characters from "The Iliad" and "Agamemnon" and she doesn't necessarily stick to the common description of what specific characters were like. "The Firebrand" deals with the complex relationships between men and women, the gods and human kind, and the roles of women in society. One of the things I particularly like about this book is Bradley's description of the "heroes" of the era such as Hector, Aeneas, and Achilles. She gives their characters dimension and plausibility.

-- "Wolf Hall"

My husband saw this at the base library and knew I just had to watch it. Since we don't have cable any more I don't get to watch PBS much anymore. I was really excited to watch "Wolf Hall" because I absolutely love British history, specifically The Wars of the Roses and the Tudor dynasty. "Wolf Hall" is the story of Thomas Cromwell, told from his perspective. I've never seen anything about Cromwell from his perspective, so it's an interesting change in point of view. It can be a smidge dry, which I don't mind. I haven't finished the mini-series yet (its 6, 1 hour episodes) but so far I think that Damien Lewis makes a good King Henry VIII. 

That's it for this week!