Sunday, May 31, 2015

CALS Con 2015

Last Saturday my family and I had the opportunity to experience the fusion of two of our favorite things: fandoms and libraries. Our local library system, the Central Arkansas Library System, sponsored and held a con in their main branch. I'm sure that with summer rapidly approaching the library thought that this event would help draw young people into the library and encourage them to enroll in some of the wonderful summer activities and programs that they offer.

While we were there we saw a bunch of cosplayers signing up for the cosplay contest, people playing tabletop games, incredible Lego creations, and panels. There was also a social media scavenger hunt, a lego playing area and a place to color your own super hero mask for the kids, My son Liam loved playing with the Legos and oggling the lego train speeding around the lego village that someone created. However, his favorite part was meeting R2D2.


We checked out the tabletop area, but didn't stay to play anything because my kiddoes would never have allowed it. They had three tables covered with games to play, and all the gamers there looked like they were having a fun time.

My favorite part was the gallery of cutouts they had to pose and take pictures with. Getting a photo with the cutout of your choice was one of the items on the social media scavenger hunt. 

All-in-all I think that the CALS Con 2015 was a great idea. There were a ton of people in the library, and anything that gets people into libraries and interested in their offerings and activities is a wonderful thing. I <3 libraries!