Thursday, April 23, 2015

Raindrop Turkish House Food Festival and April Ipsy Glambag Review

This last weekend I was on the long road to recovery from a wicked cold. Saturday was the first day last week that I felt remotely human, instead of like the zombie I resembled. Two of the things that helped me feel  like more than a mombie were 1) we went to a Turkish food festival in Little Rock and 2) I got my April Ipsy bag in the mail.

Raindrop Turkish House Food Festival 2015
This was our first food festival in Little Rock. There were tons of vendors but we stuck strictly to food and only window shopped all of the beautiful Turkish wares for sale. In the outdoor tents we tried gyros, chicken kabob, stuffed vine leaves, and kibbi. The kibbi was my husbands favorite new thing that he tried and I was partial to the vine leaves. The gyros were really good too. Indoors there was a room set up with booths displaying beautiful painted tiles, glassware, and metal containers. This is also where the desserts were (!!). I HAD to go in here to find some baklava. I LOVE baklava and I was more than a little excited at a chance to get some. They had other desserts here as well, and a stand for Turkish coffee. With each cup of coffee came a piece of Turkish Delight. Now, ever since I read "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" in the fifth grade I have always wanted to try Turkish Delight. I talked a lady into giving me a piece without buying a cup of coffee (it was 6 tickets for 1 cup and lets face it, I had just spent all my tickets on baklava.....). Anywho, I finally got to taste it! And it was delicious. I shared my piece with my husband (because I love him) and he really liked it too. Below are some pictures I took in between bites of delicious, delicious food.....


April Ipsy Glambag

The day I get my glambag in the mail is always a good day. It's like getting a present from myself once a month, and let's face it: it's nice to get mail that isn't a bill. In my bag this month I got an Argan oil hair serum by Theorie, blush from Hakari Costmetics, eye shadow from theBalm cosmetics, lip gloss from Starlooks, and a mini lip and cheek tint from Mullein & Sparrow.

So far my favorites this month are the lip & cheek tint (which I only use my lips) and the argan oil. I was surprised that I liked the argan oil so much because usually putting oil in my thin, fine hair is a horrible idea. My hair looks oily by the end of the day, even though I wash it every morning. However if I only use a tiny, tiny bit on the ends this product works really well without making my hair look dirty. Over all I give this months bag 3.5 out of 5 stars because I got 3 products that do the same things (lip gloss and lip tint, blush and cheek tint).