Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter: Nerd Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with great fellowship and worship at our wonderful church, St. Luke's Episcopal. We had breakfast and the kids had an Easter egg hunt, as well as photo ops with the Easter bunny.

The Gray boys Easter 2015                                  My babies and the Easter bunny                       Our beautiful Easter alter   

After church some of our best friends and their kids came over for dinner and gaming! We played "Last Night on Earth" with the "Growing Hunger" expansion the previous Friday which was awesome. I just gave Nate the game and expansion as an early birthday present (it was early because, honestly, I didn't have anywhere I could hide it where he wouldn't find it. We have almost no closet space and the kids ransack everywhere else). So, Sunday night we played Munchkin and yours truly was victorious! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I savor the victory because I don't get them very often. Here are some action shots from Friday (using the term "action" liberally here.....):

It was girls versus guys and we ended up leaving it at a draw b/c we're old and we got tired.....

And a group shot of us playing Munchkin taken sheer minutes before my glorious and complete victory!!!!

I've been asking around and watching Table Top to try and figure out which game we're going to purchase next. A lot of people have been suggesting Cards Against Humanity, and Sheriff of Nottingham looks fun- but I would be really bad at it. I am an abysmal liar and have virtually no poker face. So......we'll see.