Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Attention All Jacksonville AR-Area Nerds!

Our local Jacksonville, AR nerd store, Game Zone Alpha, has moved AND undergone a name change. Now known as The Game Store! , our neighborhood friendly nerd haven has moved from The Jacksonville Shopping Center (near Unique Furniture) to the other side of W. Main St. where the Hastings used to be.

The Game Store is now in a much bigger space than it used to be, so they were able to create a more organized set-up for the different areas of interest that they cater to, Now the left wing of the store is dedicated to comics and graphic novels, the center is where all of the card and table-top games are located, and the right wing of the store is the gaming area. Every Friday night they have Magic: The Gathering night, and every Saturday is family game night. My family and I visited the store yesterday to window-shop and we found a few new games to add to our wishlist (which is already kind of long).

This Saturday, May 2, is the grand opening of The Game Store and they will be having give-aways and free comics for all visitors who come to the store and check in on Facebook. I am not affiliated with this store in any way, I just wanted to let any area readers (if there are any?) know that they should check out the new store.