Monday, April 20, 2015

April Loot Crate Unboxing

This month my husband and I decided to try out the monthly geek subscription box, Loot Crate. I have a subscription to Ipsy and he has a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, but this was our first time subscribing to something like Loot Crate. The theme this month was "Fantasy" and here's what we got:

The monthly button included in every box.

A deck of Princess Bride playing cards. It's just a regular deck of cards with The Princess Bride characters on them, not a Princess Bride game. I love this movie, so now Go Fish will be much more fun. 

The House Stark is one of my favorite houses from A Song of Ice and Fire (along with Martell) so I think this USB drive is pretty cool.

A set of GoT magnets. I'm super glad we got these because I was planning on buying them from Think Geek anyway, and now I don't have to. Score. 

A Harry Potter luggage tag. We already have Disney luggage tags from our belated honeymoon trip to Disney World, but now we can use this Harry Potter tag on one of our extra pieces of luggage. Once I introduce Liam to Harry Potter we can put it on his little suitcase. 

A Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt, which is way to small for me to ever wear out. Nate said "it looks great" but he lies. I look like a nerdy sausage about to bust her casing. No one deserves to see that, except my husband because he's weird.

We also got an inflatable crown which was almost immediately appropriated by my kids, and a red bow tie with little dragons and D6 on it. Behold Nathan in all his glory making his grumpy cat face. 

All-in-all we're pretty satisfied. I'm bummed that the shirt doesn't fit but other than that I like what we got. We're going to do one more month before we decide if we want to keep subscribing or not.