Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Attention All Jacksonville AR-Area Nerds!

Our local Jacksonville, AR nerd store, Game Zone Alpha, has moved AND undergone a name change. Now known as The Game Store! , our neighborhood friendly nerd haven has moved from The Jacksonville Shopping Center (near Unique Furniture) to the other side of W. Main St. where the Hastings used to be.

The Game Store is now in a much bigger space than it used to be, so they were able to create a more organized set-up for the different areas of interest that they cater to, Now the left wing of the store is dedicated to comics and graphic novels, the center is where all of the card and table-top games are located, and the right wing of the store is the gaming area. Every Friday night they have Magic: The Gathering night, and every Saturday is family game night. My family and I visited the store yesterday to window-shop and we found a few new games to add to our wishlist (which is already kind of long).

This Saturday, May 2, is the grand opening of The Game Store and they will be having give-aways and free comics for all visitors who come to the store and check in on Facebook. I am not affiliated with this store in any way, I just wanted to let any area readers (if there are any?) know that they should check out the new store.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Raindrop Turkish House Food Festival and April Ipsy Glambag Review

This last weekend I was on the long road to recovery from a wicked cold. Saturday was the first day last week that I felt remotely human, instead of like the zombie I resembled. Two of the things that helped me feel  like more than a mombie were 1) we went to a Turkish food festival in Little Rock and 2) I got my April Ipsy bag in the mail.

Raindrop Turkish House Food Festival 2015
This was our first food festival in Little Rock. There were tons of vendors but we stuck strictly to food and only window shopped all of the beautiful Turkish wares for sale. In the outdoor tents we tried gyros, chicken kabob, stuffed vine leaves, and kibbi. The kibbi was my husbands favorite new thing that he tried and I was partial to the vine leaves. The gyros were really good too. Indoors there was a room set up with booths displaying beautiful painted tiles, glassware, and metal containers. This is also where the desserts were (!!). I HAD to go in here to find some baklava. I LOVE baklava and I was more than a little excited at a chance to get some. They had other desserts here as well, and a stand for Turkish coffee. With each cup of coffee came a piece of Turkish Delight. Now, ever since I read "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" in the fifth grade I have always wanted to try Turkish Delight. I talked a lady into giving me a piece without buying a cup of coffee (it was 6 tickets for 1 cup and lets face it, I had just spent all my tickets on baklava.....). Anywho, I finally got to taste it! And it was delicious. I shared my piece with my husband (because I love him) and he really liked it too. Below are some pictures I took in between bites of delicious, delicious food.....


April Ipsy Glambag

The day I get my glambag in the mail is always a good day. It's like getting a present from myself once a month, and let's face it: it's nice to get mail that isn't a bill. In my bag this month I got an Argan oil hair serum by Theorie, blush from Hakari Costmetics, eye shadow from theBalm cosmetics, lip gloss from Starlooks, and a mini lip and cheek tint from Mullein & Sparrow.

So far my favorites this month are the lip & cheek tint (which I only use my lips) and the argan oil. I was surprised that I liked the argan oil so much because usually putting oil in my thin, fine hair is a horrible idea. My hair looks oily by the end of the day, even though I wash it every morning. However if I only use a tiny, tiny bit on the ends this product works really well without making my hair look dirty. Over all I give this months bag 3.5 out of 5 stars because I got 3 products that do the same things (lip gloss and lip tint, blush and cheek tint). 

Monday, April 20, 2015

April Loot Crate Unboxing

This month my husband and I decided to try out the monthly geek subscription box, Loot Crate. I have a subscription to Ipsy and he has a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, but this was our first time subscribing to something like Loot Crate. The theme this month was "Fantasy" and here's what we got:

The monthly button included in every box.

A deck of Princess Bride playing cards. It's just a regular deck of cards with The Princess Bride characters on them, not a Princess Bride game. I love this movie, so now Go Fish will be much more fun. 

The House Stark is one of my favorite houses from A Song of Ice and Fire (along with Martell) so I think this USB drive is pretty cool.

A set of GoT magnets. I'm super glad we got these because I was planning on buying them from Think Geek anyway, and now I don't have to. Score. 

A Harry Potter luggage tag. We already have Disney luggage tags from our belated honeymoon trip to Disney World, but now we can use this Harry Potter tag on one of our extra pieces of luggage. Once I introduce Liam to Harry Potter we can put it on his little suitcase. 

A Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt, which is way to small for me to ever wear out. Nate said "it looks great" but he lies. I look like a nerdy sausage about to bust her casing. No one deserves to see that, except my husband because he's weird.

We also got an inflatable crown which was almost immediately appropriated by my kids, and a red bow tie with little dragons and D6 on it. Behold Nathan in all his glory making his grumpy cat face. 

All-in-all we're pretty satisfied. I'm bummed that the shirt doesn't fit but other than that I like what we got. We're going to do one more month before we decide if we want to keep subscribing or not. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Weekend Adventures in Fayetteville

This past weekend we visited family in Fayetteville, Arkansas which is home to the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!). We had a great time seeing my husbands side of the family and the boys got to play with their older cousin. While we were there we took a trip to Terra Studios, an amazing glass blowing studio and art park. They make the glass "Bluebirds of Happiness" there and local artists showcase their skills in the art park and labyrinth, which is free for everyone to enjoy. It's a whimsical and folksy way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon, and we did just that. My mother-in-law packed a picnic and we spent the afternoon looking at the art and wandering around with the kids.
There are mosaics, statues, fountains, and beautiful blown glass arangements all over the grounds

The little people, called "Terrans", are adorable and they have little fairy villages all over the place

 Liam and his cousin, Corwin, had tea while Owen posed in a garden

Nate and I in the wooded walking area near the labyrinth and Liam, Corwin, and I in the bluebird gazebo

Last Saturday was also #TableTopDay! Nerds everywhere rejoiced. Nathan, my brother-in-law and two of my sisters-in-law played two games of "Last Night on Earth". It was a lot of fun, even though the heroes lost.....both times. STILL! The second time around we played a great game and lasted until the last round. Damn you, zombies!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter: Nerd Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with great fellowship and worship at our wonderful church, St. Luke's Episcopal. We had breakfast and the kids had an Easter egg hunt, as well as photo ops with the Easter bunny.

The Gray boys Easter 2015                                  My babies and the Easter bunny                       Our beautiful Easter alter   

After church some of our best friends and their kids came over for dinner and gaming! We played "Last Night on Earth" with the "Growing Hunger" expansion the previous Friday which was awesome. I just gave Nate the game and expansion as an early birthday present (it was early because, honestly, I didn't have anywhere I could hide it where he wouldn't find it. We have almost no closet space and the kids ransack everywhere else). So, Sunday night we played Munchkin and yours truly was victorious! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I savor the victory because I don't get them very often. Here are some action shots from Friday (using the term "action" liberally here.....):

It was girls versus guys and we ended up leaving it at a draw b/c we're old and we got tired.....

And a group shot of us playing Munchkin taken sheer minutes before my glorious and complete victory!!!!

I've been asking around and watching Table Top to try and figure out which game we're going to purchase next. A lot of people have been suggesting Cards Against Humanity, and Sheriff of Nottingham looks fun- but I would be really bad at it. I am an abysmal liar and have virtually no poker face. So......we'll see. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Fluffiversary Kelly's Closet!

This month my favorite cloth diaper store, Kelly's Closet, is celebrating 14 years of business. In April of 2001 KC opened their virtual doors and they've come a long way since then. Now they supply cloth diapering supplies and accessories as well as eco-friendly products that everyone in your family can enjoy, not just your fluffy-butts. All the amazing brands you're looking for such as bumGenius, Flip, Thirsties, GroVia, Rockin' Green. Applecheeks, Imagine Baby, Balm Baby!, aden+anis, Tidytots, Kissaluvs, Pink Lemonade, and more can be found at Kelly's Closet. I made my very first cloth diaper purchase on their site, and I've been coming back ever since.

To celebrate their 14th fluffiversary Kelly's Closet is partnering with their favorite brands and *ahem* bloggers for a 14 day giveaway! There will be some amazing prizes given away every day so make sure to follow Kelly's Closet and The Cloth Diaper Whisperer on Facebook and Twitter for extra chances to enter.  You can also enter here on my Diary of a Nerdy Wife Facebook page! Don't worry, there is no purchase necessary in order to win. Today one of my favorite products is up for grabs, Balm Baby! Balm Baby diaper rash ointment is one of two creams I use on my son and they never fail to help my son's teething rashes.