Monday, March 30, 2015

Mommy Product Review: bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

Lately I've been trying to branch out and try new things in my makeup routine. I have really sensitive skin that is oily in my T zone and extremely prone to breakouts if the wrong thing makes contact with my face. Basically, my skin is a dictator that rules with an iron fist and until now I've only been able to use the one thing it has accepted: bareMinerals powder foundation. Every time I try something new my face reverts back to its pubescent glory.

The last time I was at my neighborhood Ulta I decided to branch out, but only slightly, and try something new. I decided to stay in the bareMinerals neighborhood, but try something I've never used before. Since I wanted something with more coverage than my mineral powder foundation without being cake-like I decided to try the new liquid foundation from bareMinerals: the bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation.
My shade? "Bare Linen"......I'm literally as white as a sheet. 

My thoughts so far: I don't love it, but I like it a lot. If you have oily skin this foundation is for you. It feels like it's barely there and doesn't make your skin even more oily than it already is, especially if you set it with the mineral veil. If you have dry skin this foundation should be good for you too, but since dry skin isn't one of my problems I can't be 100% sure. However, it only takes a minute or two to apply, so as a busy Mother of two I appreciate that. It takes as long to apply this foundation as it does to apply the powder version, so your morning routine shouldn't be affected.

Here is a list of pros and cons with a little explanation for each:


  • Easy to apply: you simply buff it on like you do bareMinerals powder foundation
  • Long lasting: it literally only takes 4-5 drops to cover your ENTIRE face
  • Non-comedogenic: need I say more? No one likes rocking acne to their play-dates, am I right?

  • A little pricey: The bottle for this foundation is kind of small, and at $29.00 a pop that could get expensive. It helps that you only need a tiny bit at a time, so the bottle should last for a while but still, in my opinion, $29 is more than I'm used to paying.
  • You are urged to buy a special application brush: bareMinerals is all about the brushes. This foundation has its own special application brush (which is also $29). You don't HAVE to buy it, but they recommend it in order to get the best application possible.
29$ for this brush. You put 2 drops of foundation into the well in the middle of the brush and then buff on.

All-in-all this foundation is pretty great. It is easy to apply, goes on quickly, and has buildable coverage. My skin looks great when I'm wearing it and it doesn't clog my pores. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars just for that