Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Blinked And Now It's Next Year

      From Halloween to...oh...right about now, time has really gotten away from me. The holidays combined with getting a puppy and Owen's speedy ascent into mobility (the kid can crawl lightning fast and is a climber), I have just gotten really behind on all of the things I like to do for myself. I've started writing again (I wrote a guest blog post on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog ), I've started a 1,000 piece puzzle that I work on while I drink my afternoon coffee, and my friend and I are doing a two week weight loss challenge together (whoever loses the most gets a $20 Ulta gift card!). Hopefully this will help me get back into a good fitness routine and stick with it this time. Plus, I kind of already have plans for that gift card so I really want to win.
     Annie, our new puppy, is the most adorable annoying thing ever. She's so sweet and playful, but house training a puppy and teaching her how to behave around people is extremely time consuming. Like I didn't already have adorable time consuming babies in my life *ahem*Liam&Owen *ahem* now I have one that bites holes in clothes, has an ear piercing bark, and pees on the floor. I'm trying really really hard to be patient with her, and to remember that she's only a baby. I've never trained a dog in my life so I've been relying on advice from experienced dog owner friends and ASPCA articles online. So far potty training is about 75% complete and she will sit when asked 80% of the time. Unless she's excited. Or hungry. Or she sees a sketchy looking squirrel that needs barking at.
     I should be able to write again soon. Owen's godmother and I are planning his first birthday party and photo session, and I'll be sharing my plans here. Thank you, Pinterest for making me feel hopeful and inadequate at the same time.