Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Leaves Fall

Holy crap! It's the beginning of autumn and I've already read Liam's new favorite seasonal book "Fall Leaves Fall" like a thousand times. We've been so busy lately, and I've been totally remiss in my writing. We started "homeschooling" Liam for pre-k 3 this year. "Homeschooling" for pre-k really doesn't involve much more than we were already doing with him (reading books, arts & crafts time, learning games, baking, etc). However, I have been trying to add more organized activities into the mix, preferably ones that involve other kids so Liam is socialized. So far we've been going to the local gymnastics center on Fridays for free-play, which is basically an hour of running, jumping, and tumbling anywhere he wants to in the gym while I watch smugly as I anticipate how awesome nap time is going to be that day. It's only $8 per family, so anyone in the area should check it out. If anything, it's a great resource for rainy/very cold days so your kids don't get cabin fever and you don't go stark raving mad.

Starting next week we'll be having a home school co-op day on Wednesdays where we get together with a friend of mine and her three youngest kids to do a project or activity. Next week will also be our first week of story-time at the Jacksonville library, which I've been told involves a craft/snack period afterwards. All of this combined with our reading, worksheets, and learning games should provide Liam with a great pre-k experience.

Owen is growing so much! He's already scooting and rolling all over the place and getting into whatever he can reach. I was not prepared for him to be mobile, and when he scooted to get a toy for the first time yesterday I almost cried. Nathan pointed out that he's growing up so fast, and pretty soon he'll be walking and talking. I told him to watch out, because it was around that point in Liam's life when I started making doe eyes at the baby aisle and dropping hints that more offspring was a good idea. Hence, Owen.

Last summer we made a "Gray Family Summer Bucket List", and we had so much fun with it. We ended up only getting to around 27/39 of the activities on our list. Well, now my husband wants to make a bucket list for each season. I made our autumn bucket list today, and I'm already excited to complete everything. Autumn is our favorite time of year. Our dating and wedding anniversaries are in October, the weather begins to cool down (theoretically- Arkansas is still hot and muggy this time of year unfortunately), and "pumpkin spice" everything brings a special little glimmer of happiness to my husbands eye. Seriously, put "pumpkin spice" on anything and my husband will eat it, no questions asked.

Now that things are more organized I'm hoping to write more, and post some new recipes. I recently tried a few new freezer crock pot recipes, so if those turn out well maybe I can share them here!