Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spending Challenge Aborted and Easter 2014

Hello, everyone. Our Spending Less 30 days challenge lasted about 4 days. Pitiful. In hindsight choosing the month before my husband and sons birthday to try this challenge was not the best idea. Plus, my cloth diaper addiction reared its ugly head and I bought a new diaper. *Picture Gollum and the ring of power, only it's me and a cloth diaper. I wants them, precious.* Oh well, maybe we can try it again some time soon. Either way, reading about this challenge and our Lenten ban on fast food has changed the way my husband and I spend money on food. We've saved money from not eating out often (fast food is cheap but if you eat it too much it can add up, and so can the pounds).
My family had a really nice Easter. Liam got to go on two Easter egg hunts here on base, which he loved. The night before Easter Owen was baptized during a lovely service. Easter day Liam woke up to find his Easter basket, which he tore into with much gusto. We went to a brunch at our church, followed by the Easter service, which has to be one of my all time favorites. The sanctuary and chancel filled with Easter lillies and the flowered cross in the Nave are beautiful sights to see. Later that evening we had dinner with some great friends, and let the kids play and wear themselves out while the adults played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (which I lost horribly, no surprise there).

In just a few days my husband will be turning 30 (!!) and Liam will be turning 3. We're having a joint party for them at the house, which I think will be a lot of fun. I've already gotten all of Nathan's presents, and I only have one more to pick up for Liam and I'll be done. Hopefully I can post again soon; I've got a great summer salad recipe to share.