Monday, March 24, 2014

One Month In

It's been a month since Owen was born, and it's passed by in a blur.

Owen at 1 month old!

Sometime in the last month my little Liam was potty trained by my Mom and husband (with a little help from me). He's not so little anymore! I can't believe my sweet boy is out of diapers. However, I also have to say WOOHOO! No more buying boxes of expensive diapers for us! And, believe it for not it took us less than a week to potty train him. Liam had a meltdown the first day and acting like sitting on the potty was torture, but after he got over it potty training was a cinch. He caught on so quickly, and he's even been dry at night. Liam's so proud of his big boy underwear, and it's adorable.
Liam's potty meltdown on day 1 of potty training

While Liam and I concluded our diaper journey together, Owen and I have just entered the wide new world of cloth diapers. I started CDing Owen after his circumcision healed and his umbilical stump fell off (about 3 weeks ago today). So far, we've been doing pretty well. I've developed quite an obsession with cloth diapers; learning about them, learning how to properly wash them, brand comparisons, and shopping for them. Every time I start talking about pocket diapers vs. covers and prefolds or what brand I want to start buying my husband rolls his eyes and sighs. But really, what did he expect? This is ME. Market research queen!! Plus, this whole cloth diaper thing was his idea in the first place. He only has himself to blame.
My new Rumparooz cover! Adorable!

Today my husband goes back to work and I return to my work at home job as well. Managing the home, handling the kids, and going back to my part-time WAH job is going to be a challenge. I feel up to it, though I am realistic: it'll take us all a little while to get into a good routine. Wish us good luck!