Monday, January 6, 2014

Liam and the Library

Hello, everyone. I hope everybody is staying warm during this insanely cold weather. This morning in Little Rock it was 0 degrees! 
This week I got the ball rolling on attaining one of my New Year's resolution goals: taking Liam to the library once a week. We go to the library on base quite often, and it really is a wonderful library. It may be small, but it does a lot to enrich our base community. Library privileges are free for service members and their families, so there really is no reason for anyone to miss out. Our base library also has story time events and a summer reading program for kids, which is wonderful. My husband and I go there to check out books, Cd's, and movies. We especially love getting movies/T.V. series seasons there because a) we're on a tight budget and going out to the movies is an unfortunately rare thing us, and b) we have the streaming only plan from Netflix so our selection is limited, and we don't always want to have to go to the Red Box. (I know it's only $1.20 or so a night, but if you can get the same rental from the library for free, why not?)
So, that being said, this was not Liam's first time in the library. However, this was our first trip solely for Liam, and his first time choosing and checking out a book. He was so excited! The first thing that drew his attention were the computers set up with a reading program and headphones. 

 After looking at that for a bit, we went over to where the reading bench was.
There were puzzles and stuffed animals to play with. Liam's favorite was the giant bear.

Liam chose a book for us to read in the library, and his eye fell upon "Miss Nelson is Missing", which was one I enjoyed as a kid. It was fun getting to read it again and sharing it with him. 

When it was time to go, Liam chose a book to check out. He decided to get "How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?". He (very proudly) marched up to the circulation desk and handed the book to the library assistant himself. 

I want to foster within my son a love for books and reading. This is something that my husband and I feel really strongly about, being avid readers ourselves. We've been reading to him since infancy, and with our efforts combined with gifts from his Nana and Gran-Gran Liam has a little library of his own in his room. It was so much fun to see Liam enjoying his first "trip to the library", and if I can stay on task and take him every week I think that I can help him learn to love libraries as much as his father and I do. An unforeseen consequence of our trip to the library was a renewal in my desire to become a librarian. I've been focusing so much on mommyhood that I've put my personal goals to the side, something that I'm sure a lot of moms experience. Liam and my family are the most important things on the planet to me, but that doesn't mean that I don't still want certain things for myself. I want to stay home with my children while they are small for as long as possible and then begin to build my career. After grappling with the dreaded "mommy-guilt" and talking it over with my husband, I started looking for a grad school program online for a Masters in Library Sciences (window shopping only at this point). It may take me a while to start grad school, and even longer for me to finish it, but I'm going to make this happen!