Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween, Mr. Clean, and Katniss Everdeen

     It's been a while, and so much has happened since I last posted! First,  we found out that the baby we're expecting in March is a boy! Liam is working up to being excited about becoming a big brother (if something doesn't have anything to do with playing outside, fire trucks, Mickey Mouse, or Lilo & Stitch he has a hard time caring about it). My husband and I decided to name our newest little man Owen. We're so excited!
Then, we had Halloween (Liam was Darth Vader because I refused to pay 50$ for a Minion costume and wasn't feeling up to creating one on my own). Liam did really well trick-or-treating, and we even met a full sized Darth Vader who was nice enough to take a picture with our mini-Vader.
My mini-Sith Lord is Darth Vader approved!

    Then, the day after Halloween we moved. We're still on the same military installation, we just moved into a bigger house. With another little guy on the way we wanted a little more square footage and an extra bathroom. For those of you who have never gone through a move out of military housing, all I can say is that you're lucky. While we didn't go through the "white glove inspection" my parents had to go through when my Dad was in the Army, we did have a weekend full of intense cleaning. I mean....intense. Let's just say that in our new house I will be cleaning the window tracks a lot more often than I did at our old place (yeah, I totally never thought to clean those things before. Gross). Now we're trying to get settled in before the holiday season is upon us. I plan to blog more often, and I'm excited to get into it and have some fun.
     Now that I've gotten through why I haven't been blogging lately, I have to boast about an accomplishment of mine. My husband and I often recommend books to one another, but because we both have such long reading lists it is normally a struggle to get each other to sample the book crack we're trying to peddle. Even if the book is fantastic, sometimes it will take us a while to read it because the queue is so long (we both love to read). Well, I have been trying to get my husband to read "The Hunger Games" trilogy for a really long time. It's right up his alley: he likes a strong female lead, he likes dystopian fiction, and he likes oppressive governments (while everyone else was rooting for the Rebel Alliance in "Star Wars" and were happy when Emperor Palpatine got tossed over that railing like a rag doll, my husband was the only person who hoped the Galactic Empire would win and screamed "Judas!!!" when Darth Vader betrayed Palpatine). But, my husband is wary of "teen fiction" ever since he was forced to read "Twilight" when he worked at a book store, and he also is disinclined to read any book he sees me crying over because he doesn't want to catch "the feels" (It's sad when Rue dies, OKAY? Don't judge me!)
     Anywho, after whining and pushing this book series like a used car salesman, my husband finally read the books. And he LOVED them (he even suggested that we hold a Congressional Hunger Games during the recent government shut down). Now he's happy because he got to enjoy a great story and doesn't have to hear me whining at him anymore, and I'm happy because now I have someone to take me to see "Catching Fire" later this month. Win, win.