Monday, July 8, 2013

Nope, This Time It's Not a Foodbaby

     <DISCLAIMER: This blog is about my life, my craziness, my everything. I try to use humor to convey stories, but I in no way wish to offend anyone. Please take what you find here in the spirit in which it's given, and don't get your panties in a twist. Sincerely, M>

     Hello, my name is Meridith. I'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mom. My son Liam is two years old, and I love him more than is probably reasonable. If anyone else kept me up all night, threw up on me, ate my ice cream WHILE the spoon was on its way to my mouth, or found it hilarious that he peed on my arm while I was giving him a bath, well.....lets just say that relationship would have lasted about as long as my appreciation for Fall Out Boy (<2.7 seconds). Despite my all consuming love for my son, my husband and I have been discussing having a second child, because apparently the foodbaby I had last month courtesy of New China Buffet was not enough to satisfy my need for more offspring.
     Nathan (my husband) and I decided that we'd start "trying" for baby #2, and by "trying" I mean that we just stopped using BC. I didn't map out my cycle or figure out when I was supposed to ovulate because I did all of that with my first pregnancy, and it honestly didn't help us at all (most likely because of my incredible inability to do math). We figured... it would happen when it happened. Well, happened pretty frickin fast. Like.....Irish Catholic fast. So, Baby Gray #2 is due some time in early/mid March! Now I have like 8 months to figure out where all the "reserved for expectant mothers" parking spaces are so I can park in all of them, whether I need to go into the store or not. Because I can.