Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let me see those FuzziBunz!!

     I'm a WAHM, but my primary job is taking care of my son. It's a high stress job with demanding hours, no monetary compensation, and the boss is a real pain in the butt if he doesn't get a nap. But who isn't, right? Well, Nathan and I were sitting around and talking about what we could possibly do to make our lives easier when Baby Gray #2 arrives in March. And do you know what we decided? We decided that we should cloth diaper our second bundle of joy. We thought, you know what sounds super fun? More laundry! And who could pass up the opportunity to spray poop off of a diaper and into the toilet? Certainly not I!
     Seriously though, we thought we'd give it a try to see if we can save some money. Because, lets face it the USAF doesn't exactly have us rolling in the dough at the moment. I have two great friends who cloth diaper their girls, and they've told me all about cloth diapering and how it works. When Nathan first suggested we cloth diaper my first thought was "Sure! You can say that because you won't be the one changing a majority of the diapers or doing the diaper laundry!", which immediately caused me to flashback to my Mother cleaning my little brothers cloth diapers. The memory was tainted with the smell of cleaning solution, and the image of my mom scrubbing diapers out (we lived on an Army post and the housing did not come with a washer and you can imagine how fun cleaning those diapers had to have been) made me immediately say " No cloth diapers".
     After talking to my friends, seeing their diapers and how they worked, and watching a few YouTube tutorials, I realized that cloth diapering is not what it used to be. There is a huge selection available now, and you can even get designer diapers for your baby's little toosh. There's FuzziBunz, Bumgenius, Bummis, Flip, Happy Hienys, GroVia, etc. Some of the patterns are so cute, it's a shame that someone is going to poop on them. So, now I get to start building a stash of diapers. We've decided to wait to get most of them until we find out of Baby Gray #2 is a girl or a boy so that we can get some of the really cute patterned diapers. Because if I am going to be cleaning these things all of the time, I at least want something cute to look at.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Nope, This Time It's Not a Foodbaby

     <DISCLAIMER: This blog is about my life, my craziness, my everything. I try to use humor to convey stories, but I in no way wish to offend anyone. Please take what you find here in the spirit in which it's given, and don't get your panties in a twist. Sincerely, M>

     Hello, my name is Meridith. I'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mom. My son Liam is two years old, and I love him more than is probably reasonable. If anyone else kept me up all night, threw up on me, ate my ice cream WHILE the spoon was on its way to my mouth, or found it hilarious that he peed on my arm while I was giving him a bath, well.....lets just say that relationship would have lasted about as long as my appreciation for Fall Out Boy (<2.7 seconds). Despite my all consuming love for my son, my husband and I have been discussing having a second child, because apparently the foodbaby I had last month courtesy of New China Buffet was not enough to satisfy my need for more offspring.
     Nathan (my husband) and I decided that we'd start "trying" for baby #2, and by "trying" I mean that we just stopped using BC. I didn't map out my cycle or figure out when I was supposed to ovulate because I did all of that with my first pregnancy, and it honestly didn't help us at all (most likely because of my incredible inability to do math). We figured... it would happen when it happened. Well, happened pretty frickin fast. Like.....Irish Catholic fast. So, Baby Gray #2 is due some time in early/mid March! Now I have like 8 months to figure out where all the "reserved for expectant mothers" parking spaces are so I can park in all of them, whether I need to go into the store or not. Because I can.